Everyone appreciates professional recognition and accolades and yet, it’s the testimonials of happy clients that matter most to us. We think they say it best.

“Our experience with Mark Bradshaw and Kelly has been great. They have made building our new home an easy and fun project. Before we even started, Mark and Kelly came to our home in Nebraska that we built 15 years ago. Let me tell you, that experience compared to the one we are having now is as different as night and day, this one being the best. Mark had it all mapped out what was going to happen daily and when our home would be done. So far he is right on schedule, if not ahead, and also on budget. Mark suggested changes even when it cost him money. He listens to what kind of a home we want, even when we leave things out that would cost him money. He saved us money which in turn cost him. Kelly and Mark are a great team and we could not be happier with them both.”

Bruce and Darla Evertson


“Mark and Kelly are a great team. You get a “two-fer” with them. If there was an issue, Mark caught it and worked with the architect to find a solution. And Kelly’s knowledge of stone is extensive. Whenever there were challenges, Mark collaborated with the team to find a solution that didn’t cost an arm and a leg. Mark also has a solid relationship with his subcontractors. It can be very emotional building a home and there’s a lot of money involved. They were extremely conscientious; we consider Mark and Kelly friends.”

Dan and Gretchen Eakes


“Mark is so easy to work with; there’s never a problem he can’t solve. He’ll get right on the phone to resolve issues immediately. We just can’t say enough positive things … we would use him again in a second. Also, if Mark can help you save money, he will. That way, you receive the best possible value for your money. Mark and Kelly are a great team!”

Trudy and Gary Gardner


“Working with Mark Bradshaw is a pleasure … he has the ability to understand and problem solve. He listens. Mark has the technical ability as well. You can look at the house (his residence) and see that there’s a lot of feeling that went into this home. Mark really understood what I tried to do and he incorporated that into his culture. He also welcomed various subcontractors and really understood their craftsmanship; they loved him. I had very high expectations and Mark delivered. I highly recommend him and would use him again.”

Mike Gray


“We’ve had such a great experience working with Mark Bradshaw. There are so many things to say about him. First of all, I love his upbeat attitude. All projects run into tough issues, yet Mark handles them in a positive manner. He has a true understanding of the quality required by the high-end homes we design. All architects want to see their designs carried through and Mark knows how to facilitate that vision; he is completely helpful yet doesn’t try to play designer. He has everyone’s best interests in mind, always striving to honor the wishes of the homeowner. I also think Mark’s subcontractors are a reflection of him, possessing the same attributes and qualities as the person for whom they work. Every aspect of what he does is well thought through and professionally done; even when you walk on his jobsite, everything is clean and orderly. I highly recommend Mark to all my clients. His name is right at the top of my list.”

Gordon Stein


“It has been a pleasure working with Mark Bradshaw. He understands and respects the process, turning design into the elements that make a residence beautiful. Mark has shown that his ability to complete fine quality construction, on time and within budget, is exceptional. “

Waldo Fernandez


“Mark has built several of our projects and I knew he would do a great job on the Gray residence. He is easy to work with, patient and even-keeled, and knows what it takes to build a beautiful home. I felt certain he would take the vision for the home and make it real. He looks at everything as a challenge and has the right attitude, which is that ‘anything can be accomplished and we’ll find a way.’ Mark also has a lot of integrity; I genuinely like him as a person and a professional.”

Kristi Hanson


“Mark Bradshaw has the ability to work with all kinds of people and personalities. I have worked with many builders over the years, and Mark can handle anyone. Mark is far better at collaborating than most builders; he is a true problem solver. He also understands the importance of landscape as part of the process. There are always so many challenges, and he consistently comes up with a unique solution. His ability to keep us involved in the process is exceptional; he is very proactive and a great scheduler as well. Mark knows how to expedite to get things done. He did whatever he could to meet our deadlines. More than anything I can say, he has a tremendous eye for detail. Mark is not a “shortcut” kind of guy. I really enjoying working with and for him.”

Mike Horton

landscape architect

“Mark is a great listener and a team player who does not like to flaunt or wear the ‘Boss’ jacket. He will not try to impose his ways onto an architect’s design vision; in fact, I think Mark is instrumental in making sure the vision gets accomplished. He possesses a calm and friendly demeanor that underscores his passion to get things done not only the right way but as quickly as possible, and in a cost-effective manner. Mark is always on hand for his clients, subs and consultants, willing to go the extra mile … literally! … to help streamline the Design and Building process. He accommodates the team players (and ultimately the client) without ever stepping on anybody’s toes. Mark and his firm’s professionalism and organization are a major asset to any project and client. His clean, organized presentations, progress reports and completion follow-through are unparalleled. I will be glad to recommend Mark to any potential client and definitely endorse Bradshaw Construction for the building of our projects.”

Juan Carlos Ochoa


“Mark’s Magic: I like working with Mark on many levels. When I met him for the first time I had the feeling I knew him already. He helped me with some touches in the working drawings as well. When I got the commission for the Evertson residence, the code had changed twice during the previous period. I was still very much on top of my game designwise, yet Mark helped me with some final details to more economically meet the new code requirements. One of the items was the “new” (for me) method of insulating the residence by putting the thermal barrier under the roof sheathing rather than laying it at the ceiling joists level and creating the traditional ventilated attic. During the construction, he was always in favor of finding solutions, which always results in a better product for the client and a stress-free construction site environment … Mark’s construction site is always orderly and he uses the best subcontractors I have seen in my 26 years’ experience in the Coachella Valley. I was especially impressed with the quality of framing, yet the attention to detail can be seen everywhere. Even more can be said about the full time supervision of the project. Mark and his superintendent (please pay attention to “super”) handled all the problems, conflicts or changes by me in a timely fashion, leaving plenty of time to work out a solution or workaround. And finally, Mark’s amazing hobby took me to the skies as I was able to see and photograph my projects from the air… “

Andrzej W. Weber